What motivates you?

As you may have noticed, I’ve chosen the theme of Power this week. More specifically your power. I hope that you are now beginning to see how much power you hold, and how this power can change your life. I speak from experience when I say that your weight, health, or outlook on life should never be the excuse, or the obstacle that holds you back from living your life to the fullest. For most of my life I allowed my weight to be the excuse for myself not doing things I wanted to do, or not achieving something that I wanted to. I also held a very negitive view of myself. It was very common for me to say “I can’t”, or “It’s impossible”. But once I learned about the power of positive thinking, I started thinking “I can!”, “This is possible!” and suddenly my life took a huge turn around. And it is very important to me that you learn this as well. Some of you may be mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers. You may be from America, Canada, or Germany. But no matter who you are, or where you’re from, we all have a unifying factor. You are here, reading this. We all have a common goal, and a desire to change and transform our lives and bodies. And the way to do that is to live by the mantra “No excuses“. If you want it, go for it. If you dream it, be it. If you set a goal, exceed it. The only thing in this whole world that has the power to stop you, or hold you back, is yourself. That’s it. Isn’t that amazing? You can look, and feel, and live the way you want. I truly believe that. I truly believe in you. 


To aid you in your new positive, and healthy lifestyle, I want to share some information with you. First, throw everything that you know about dieting out the window. Forget it. “WHAT?!” Yes ma’am. Here’s the secret about diets, or fasting, or diet pills. They don’t work. You are a smart woman, don’t be duped by the industry. I use the word industry because that is exactly what it is. The diet pills, and plans are out to make money. These diets are not designed for long-term sustainable weight loss. If they were, we’d all be skinny and happy, and if that were the case well then there would be no more money for the diet industry. I speak from experience. I once did the “no carb” or “low carb” diet. Yeah sure, it works at the moment. But cutting carbs from your diet is harmful to your body. Instead of losing fat, you will lose muscle mass. Thats a big problem. Such a diet is asking you to cut an essential part of your diet from your day, and this will leave you feeling hungry, tired, and anything but happy. This goes for any diet that claims fast results, no exercise, or asks you to cut out a certain food group, or component, from your diet. Weight loss, or the journey to a healthier, happier you, is not a two week long journey. It is not something gained through a pill, or starvation. It comes from the knowledge of knowing how to feed your body the right way. It comes from hard work, and pushing through barriers you never though you could before. I didn’t promise this would be easy ladies, but I did promise it would be worth it. You are worth it. Your life is worth it. Your goals are worth it. The feeling when you finally reach your goal is worth it.


So ladies, I want to ask you something.What motivates you?



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So, you may be asking yourself “how do I do that? How do I empower myself and gain this healthy lifestyle change?” The key to starting this journey, this transformation, is to first change your mind set. Tell yourself “I can do this!” The power of positive thinking is the essential key to getting yourself, and your life to the place that you want it. You want to lose weight? Tell yourself that you are capable. Remind yourself that there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. The Secret is a wonderful book that helped me to find my inner power. Once you believe that you can,the rest is simple. I follow the general guidelines from Bill Phillips book Eating For Life. I eat 6 small meals a day. About every 2 hours. And always pair a protein and a carb. Some very yummy examples would be salmon, and brown rice. Cottage cheese and an apple. You have a meal, and then a snack. Eating right is so delicious, and it makes you feel great. Even simple substitutions can change your favorite unhealthy meal to a very healthy one. All WHOLE grains are a great choice. Whole wheat breads, and pastas, brown rice. Pair these with lean meats such as fish, or ground turkey. And BAM healthy meal. It may seem or feel daunting, but YOU are capable. Remember, this is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle change. This is you taking control and doing what is best for you, your body, and your life. If you follow these steps, you will not go hungry, you will feel full. You will have more energy, and you will be happier. I can promise that. I want you to succeed, I want you to feel great. I want you to have your dream body. I want you to harness your power to take control of your life. And I’m here with you. Together, we can and will over come these obstacles and take hold of the reins to our life. Everything you want out of life, and yourself is within reach. You just have to believe it.


Please also remember to stay hydrated. Water is an essential key to weight loss, or health in general. I try and drink at least 5 water bottles a day. This will prevent bloating. When we don’t drink enough water, our body holds on to it, causing that terrible bloated feeling and look that we all hate. (The same can be said for food. You starve your body, it holds onto all your calories causing weight gain.)
I believe firmly in these simple guidelines, and my outcomes have proven them. I am on track to where I want to be, and who I want to be. I have gained control over my life. And I know you can too. You are a strong, and determined women and there is no greater force in the universe than that.

– Michelle