Michelle Pointer has experience with the trials of health, fitness, and activity. Since November 2011, Michelle has undergone a journey on which she has said “I am not dieting“, a journey on which she has said, “I am changing my life.” This journey has resulted in the loss of 25 pounds and she has continued to lose her unwanted weight, for no one other than herself. Michelle is an advocate of healthy body image, self empowerment, the power of positive thinking, clean eating, and an active lifestyle.

Michelle enjoys literature, cats, cooking for her family, and taking hikes with her boyfriend, Derrick. Michelle is currently in college studying to become an English Literature teacher. She says that some of her best days are spent studying with Derrick, cooking with her family, and ending the day in quiet, calming meditation. She believes strongly in changing your life, and not making excuses. Michelle likes to say that the only way you can fail, is by not trying.

This blog is dedicated to help empower, educate, and motivate women to become healthier, live stronger, and achieve the body they have always dreamed of in a healthy and positive way.



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